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Quality Water Heater Repair in Germantown, MD

Our Germantown Water Heater Repair Team Is Ready NowThe most common call we receive at our Germantown shop is for water heater repair. Clean, hot water is one of those things that most people take for granted until it isn't there. With the average life of a storage style water heater and so many possible ways for a water heater to fail, it's no surprise that our Germantown water heater repair crew is busy. If you are having any of the following issues with your storage style water heater, call in the professionals today.

Alt TextNo, or limited, hot water

Alt TextRust colored water

Alt TextA rotten egg smell

Alt TextLeaks in or around the heater

Alt TextA popping sound coming from within the tank

These are all signs that a component of your water heater is not working properly. Lack of hot water could be as simple as a bad thermostat or as complex as a failed electric heating element.

Rusty Water Plumbing Solutions

Rusty water is caused by the interior of the Our Water HEater Repair Team in Germantown Also Handles Shower Repairstainless steel tank rusting. This is usually due to a failed sacrificial anode rod.  A rotten egg smell often accompanies or directly precedes rusty water. This smell is caused by a build-up of bacteria that produce sulfur compounds living in the sediment at the bottom of the tank. This sediment is the result of a properly working sacrificial anode. When there is significant sediment, the anode is almost used up and need to be replaced. The tank will also need to be flushed to remove the sediment. Sediment build-up can also be the source of superheating of water at the base of a gas heated tank. This superheating will cause the water to boil and create a popping sound. Again, a sediment flush will remedy this.

Water Heater Repairs and Installations

Leaks can be caused by bad valves, poor pipe Our Germantown MD Water Heater Repair Team Does Tankless Water HEater Installation connections or rust. A Germantown water heater repair tech will can diagnose the location and cause of the leak quickly and advise you on the correct course of action.  

Our Germantown water heater repair techs also repair tankless water heaters. The modular design of these units makes diagnoses and service much easier. The most common problem with tankless systems is a failed thermostat, although electric heaters sometimes fail due to calcium corrosion on the interior heating element.