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Germantown MD Plumbers Handle Problems in Older Homes

Our Germantown plumbers are no rookies when it Our Germantown MD Plumbers Use Live Video to Check Pipescomes to retrofitting older buildings or repairing vintage plumbing components. Older homes present a plethora of problems for homeowner and plumber alike. Depending on just how old the home is and the amount of retrofitting that has been done, there may be iron, galvanized steel, PVC or copper pipe and any number of joints or couplings. This can cause water pressure issues in areas in upper portions of the building or in areas that are quite a long way from the city water inlet. Repiping an entire home can be costly, and it isn't always necessary. Our Germantown plumbers can often locate the source of the pressure problem with a video snake. This allows us to see the inside of the pipes without having to open holes in your walls.

State of the Art Tech for Older Homes

We also use video cameras to check for the Our Germantown MD Plumbers Install Indoor Sprinkler Systems source of rusty water. This usually happens in galvanized steel pipes that are corroding from the inside out. Corroding pipes are another common cause for poor water pressure. If you have rusty water in your older home, a video inspection can locate dangerously thin pipes before they burst and flood your home.

Older homes also have incredibly inefficient water systems. By replacing the older toilets, faucets and shower heads with low flow and eco-friendly versions you can cut your water usage is half. Our Germantown plumbers know what fixtures to use to keep the integrity and historic feel of the home while bringing the efficiency into the 21st century.